Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Turquoise atomic "stuff"

I've started mentally (and physically) gathering things for when i have my own place. I know I want to get authentic in terms of furniture, but decor wise, I want to really have a nice mix that speaks of my own personality.

I know I want my living/family room to have an atomic look, and I'm still on the hunt for a starburst clock.

This is what I have so far:

Fabric for pillows

Both are Michael Miller cottons, modern of course. For couch throw pillows.

And then I thought i had sold this dish, but imagine my delight when I found it in a box the other day!

A disneyland boomerang candy dish! I'm glad I still have it.

I know its not much, but Its a slow progression of collecting that I love to do anyway.


  1. I totally want the first fabric! It's pretty expensive online. That candy dish is just to die for too.

    My problem is that my hubby actually cares how I decorate. That's what I get for marrying a man who has a graphic designer for a mother and a photographer for a father.

    1. I actually finally sucked it up and bought it at beverlys in rocklin. fabric.com has it for $9 a yard so Im going to watch for a sale. I think it would make great curtains

      The candy dish, gosh Im so glad I didnt sell it. I was almost positive I did, and was just heart broken, so when I found it, it made me so happy!

      As for Riot, I would love to meet up. I'm probably only going to go the day Deke plays, and the full schedule isnt posted yet :( so once I know, i can plan better!

  2. That is such a cute dish! I love the retro Disney merch.

    Hellcat Vintage