Monday, April 22, 2013

Flipping Vintage, or Vintage ADHD

I like to hit the thrift stores. I guarantee you, if I walk into a thrift store, I'm walking out with something. It doesnt matter, I cant help myself. Usually what I find, I end up restoring and reselling. The thrill is the hunt for me. Just yesterday I ended up selling my light up GE make up mirror. The one from the restoration post a few posts down. I didnt do a crazy big mark up, as I said its in the hunt for me.

The only things I really keep for myself are unique purses, vintage sheets to turn in to dresses, and pyrex. Everything else I find is fair game.

I do want to know where Mari finds all of her poodles. I'm so jealous!

A short post, just to check in and say hey. Work is madness right now. I'm pulling double duty trying to cover everything and its got me dead tired. Looking forward to Riot in June, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in Tahoe at the end of may. *squee* Scotty Morris is my dreamboat ideal man, so to see him in concert AGAIN, is making me fan girl. Between BBVD and getting to see Deke Dickerson at Riot, I may go full "beatles on ed sullivan" spaz case

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coming Soon: Bomber Betty Cosmetics Review

I stumbled across a cosmetics company that intrigues me, mostly for its bad ass packaging and website.

I'm a sucker for make up, and vintage look packaging is a weakness. If it looks retro and its for my face, chances are, I will buy it. (If its in my price range and I have the money of course).

The girl that runs the show over at BB has a pretty fetching deal going on. You get 3 samples AND a sticker, for only $4. That includes shipping too. This seems like a really great way to get your product out there, as well as including that ever popular gift with purchase. And the gift is advertising for her company! Brilliant!

Anyway, because I cant help buying makeup of any kind, even blue eyeshadow, ( yes I just recently bought blue eyeshadow), I'm going to take her up on her $4 deal and give it a go. 

(banner image courtesy of and copy-write of bomber betty custom cosmetics)

** BB is not compensating me for my review, I'm simply curious to try their product and give my honest opinion. BB is in no way related to me or my blog in the form of sponsorship, etc etc legal stuff.

Happy Sunday!

This old pulp fiction novel cover made me laugh

Sunday, April 7, 2013

misc. mishmash

I havent taken too many photos lately, primarily because I'm in one of my "phases". Now, I know this makes me sound crazy. I'm incredibly OCD, and usually I can control it or mask it, or generally not have any issues with it affecting those around me.

Every so often I get a burr up my butt to completely revamp something in my life. I get frustrated with the current set up, rip it apart, and try and figure out a better solution. Ive been doing this lately with my bathroom cabinets. I have a tendency to have way more products than I actually need/use, and I'm faced with the task of trying to keep all of it in check until I get frustrated again and change it up.

Think of it as manic/depressive, only with stuff, and not emotions. Prime example, I recently became obsessed with false eyelashes. I ended up with like... 12 sets. Why??? I only have two eyes! Thankfully they are very cheap, and I can use a few as practice pairs to get the setting right, but honestly...

Same with makeup. Ulta just had a sale, 2 for 4 on their eyeshadows, usually $6 a piece. I have a zillion eyeshadows, why do I need more? But no, I bought blue and green. Because sale. And because I have this weird manic need to eyeshadow.


At least I have a semi healthy balance. I shop for pleasure but ultimately profit. Very little of what I end up purchasing actually stays and finds a place in my collection. At least with thrifting

I actually feel this phase dying down so I should be back to normal pretty soon.

(sorry if this post doesnt make a lot of sense. I just started typing)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

This is how you (accidentally) celebrate a new job

By getting your first Lux de Ville!

Purely accidental, mind you. I was sure I would get outbid on ebay but alas I won it. The final price was $45 (This bag usually retails for $75) and I had $10 in ebay bucks so my final price was $35. Not usually what I would shell out for a bag but a girl deserves to celebrate now and then.

This is another recent acquisition, snagged for only $13 dollars. How did I get lucky? Because all of the other girls I would usually fight for this purse were at viva! Ha! Sometimes it pays to stay home.

Metal basket weave and lucite! It needs a little polish but its just adorable. I'm running out of shelves in my bedroom to display my purse collection. I could technically turn part of the office into a "dressing room: but I'm weird, and I like seeing all of my vintage purses in my bedroom.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good News Bad News

I apologize for the heavy nature of some of my more recent posts, but this is one of the few places I can just vent and get rid of the stresses.

I'll start with the bad news I suppose. My boss, my friend, my mentor, the only person in northern Nevada who would give me a chance and a job, who has taken endless hours to teach me HR policy and mentor me into a pretty damn good effective assistant. Her husband has been diagnosed with cancer. Lung and most likely brain. It's absolutely devastating to watch her go through this. I'm not super religious but I've found myself begging and praying that his life be spared. I don't know if He is listening, but I sure hope so.

On to the good news, I've been with this company as a temp, but yesterday was offered a full time position with the company. I readily accepted, because I love the people I work with, the atmosphere is fun, and lets be real, the benefits are amazing. Plus I'm getting a forty cent raise. It doesnt sound like a lot, but thats $800 per year. If I kick that money over to a savings account, thats viva money. Or in reality, a new car in about 3 years. The down payment at least.

So sad news and glad news. I'm dead tired, trying to keep the boat afloat while my boss deals with more important things.

Please hug your loved ones, tell them you love them, because life is really precious, and its better to visit a friend while theyre alive, then see them at their funeral, as my graddaddy used to say