Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I think I will finally be able to get some real work done on my online adventures this weekend. I've been strategically running errands after work every day to free up my saturday and sunday. I may not get any sewing done, but I want to at least sort and cut some fabric, and finally finish tidying up the upstairs of the house. I may even get some photos taken of some treasures I've found on recent thrifts, including a new floral sheet to make another dress!

My boss has been under a lot of stress lately, and its transferring to me by proxy. Not intentionally, but because it upsets me that shes upset and so we stress together. I've been getting a crash course in employee relations because shes been busy covering the duties of an employee thats resigned. I'm actually running a recruitment by myself, for welders. You would think... ok, I think, that with the unemployment rate so high in Nevada, and Carson City being so industrial, I'd be beating them away with a stick.

Not the case. I'm calling in every job posting resource I can find from the unemployment office to job connect, to tribal outreach groups, to free posting boards. (my company is trying to save money)

Just typing this now, I've had the idea to get in touch with the welding teachers at the local community college.

I try to keep personal stress out of this blog, but sometimes a girl just needs to vent it out.

And now I will make like an old lady and go to bed. Its 8:15pm.

Like a boss.

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