Sunday, August 25, 2013

Introducing VooDude Atomics Pinstriped purses

Hi! Been awhile hasnt it? Well I'm back, and so glad because I have an amazing company to share with you.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for my review, I purchased both purses fair and square and have not received any favors in return for a review. In fact, this is an independent review of the process and products.

I'm a member of a vintage swap and sell community on Facebook, Ooh La La Vintage Swap and Sell and there is a wonderful member there, Cheryl Morris. Her main squeeze, Duke, is the man behind Voodude Atomics.

The concept is simple. Painting well known vintage china patterns on vintage purses and making them even more beautiful than before. Thats it. A simple business plan that works perfectly. I received the above purses from Voodude and I am beyond thrilled. 

The white box purse has a diamond pattern that was originally red, yellow, and blue on the china piece. They were kind enough to take a custom request and paint them in my favorite colors, pink, aqua, and black. Total cost: $35.

You read that right. A hand painted, signed vintage bag for $35. 

The black purse with the cherries went on an adventure before it came to me. I purchased it from another OLL user, and had it shipped to Cheryl. They will paint your design of choice on one of your own purses for a nominal fee. (About $30) 

I know I'm not very good at writing reviews, but this is a business I will return to again and again because not only is the work beautiful, Cheryl and Duke are a dream to work with.

Pieces are usually available in Cheryl's etsy shop (please note at the time of this writing, she is offline for a brief period but will be back) and range from $30 for a purse to $65 for a painted samsonite train case plus shipping.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Its a little weird

That I spent a portion of my commute this morning thinking about how awesome it would be to turn the Sinister Sweethearts name into a girls social club a la the Pink Ladies. We could have jackets and everything! With the heart logo, and slink around weekenders all slinky and cool.

 I think I need to belong to a girls social club. yes? c'mon matching jackets!

PS: I'm totally Rizzo in this day dream minus the sleeping around part.