Saturday, January 26, 2013




Whew, ok. Of late, I've been trolling Ebay and etsy hard for some atomic theme barkcloth, either enough to make a skirt, or enough to make a few pillows, but that stuff sells for astronimical amounts on ebay and its been out of my reach.


We have a local fabric shop here in Reno, called Mill End (there is a location in Carson City as well) and the store is divided into two sections, apparel and decorator fabric. I usually dont troll the decorator side, but figured hey why not? Mill End tends to have pretty random old school kinds of fabric, mostly 80's but a few gems now and then.

I was just about to call it quits when low and behold...


Out of print, Robert Kaufman atomic barkcloth for $4 a yard. You bet your ass I bought the whole bolt. I'm going to keep enough for me, and sell the rest on ebay.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vintage Ornament Wreath

Ok, so it's after christmas, I know. But I wanted to make one of these wreaths, and AFTER christmas is when all the stuff is on sale!

This gold wreath was had for $2.50 at Rite Aid in Truckee last weekend, and the ornaments are from all over. Some I've been collecting over the years from places like kmart and walmart, some are vintage, acquired this year at Savers in Reno and The Salvation Army in Carson City.

Add a lot of hot glue sticks, a lot of ornaments, and an afternoon, and you get this:

A quick magazine rack restoration

I picked up this mid-mo brass magazine rack for less than $1 at the Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission thrift shop, primarily for its bones, its in great structural shape, but its finish was severely lacking in shine and color uniformity. A quick $4 and a few hrs later, it has a bright shiny glow and its a new place for my vintage and crafting books.

Here is the before:

I swear by this Rust-oleum metallic gold paint. I've been painting everything with it lately. It gives a nice matte brass look which is very 50's atomic. Also my beige carpet is NOT friendly for taking photos, sheesh. The metal was extremely discolored, worn down to almost steel gray in some places.

Bibbity... bobbity... BAM!

A nice uniform gold color now, and its going to hold my books nicely.

I cleaned the whole rack and primed it with a light coat of white primer, just to give the paint something to stick to. 

Vintage Teal Samsonite Restoration, the finished product

So after many rounds of scrubbing with the kaboom, I'm pretty pleased with the results. Granted, its not restored back to mint condition, but lets be honest, its 50+ years old.

Not bad, eh? The white splotch in the second image is sunlight reflection. 

Look at that chrome shine! The inside is clean and spot free, just getting de-mustified at the moment with buku dryer sheets.

I cannot WAIT to use this

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ok, ok, last post of the night

But I had to share this with you

SOMEWHERE! in the the boxes in the garage, lays this... art?

The photo really doesnt do it justice, but its tacky 60's birds made from shells and I dont even know what. I discovered it when we were packing the old house, and it kind of became a running gag. I threatened my friend Jesse with it as a wedding gift when he marries his fiance Paul, but now?



I want to find it in the garage and hoard it because its everything lovely and tacky and vintage and I dont know what box it's in!!!!

Recent Etsy Shop Updates

Newest additions at

Hairbows, $5 each, $1 Shipping

Vintage Clip/Screw Back Earrings, Prices Vary, mostly $6 with free shipping

Authentic vs Reproduction

Which is better? My answer? Neither.

But perhaps this is because I know how to sew, and have an eye for fabrics. Buying reproductions, I'm on the fence about. I've scoped out some awesome reproduction manufacturers, Like Loveland & SeaPin up girlFreddies, and Nicole Katherine that offer true to form reproductions. The problem is, they're popular for a reason because everyone that can't sew and doesnt want to buy vintage, goes to these business. As they should. Support small business!

I personally, would rather flounce off to the fabric store, butterick pattern in hand, and make my own. So it doesnt have a Shaheen label in it. Thats ok! I can admire your dress without having to own it.

I do like to go authentic with accessories, and in fact just acquired my first Lucite box purse.

Aint she pretty?

I also have a new obsession with confetti lucite.

So do whatever makes you feel put together. I do my MystiLuxe original dresses and authentic vintage accessories, and I feel great.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vintage Samsonite Luggage Restoration, Part 1

Did you know that Goodwill Industries not only has its retail locations, but they have bargain bin outlets? If you're willing to dig, and you have the ability to restore, you can find some amazing deals. On the flip side, you have to have a strong will to go in there, because it can be really heartbreaking. For some people, the bargain bin is all they can afford just to put clothes on their backs.

I really like to try and hit charity based thrift stores more than retail because I know that even the smallest amount goes to programs to help others who aren't as blessed as I am. 

I picked up this suitcase for $2 at the bargain bin outlet. 

(as you can see, it's in my bathtub)

Its an early 60's Royal Traveler, which was a division of Samsonite. Its hard to tell from the photo above but its pretty grody and grimy. What do I expect for such a cheap price, eh?

Here are some close up shots:

Thats 50+ years of travel grime.

I purchased some KABOOM foaming cleaner to get the ball rolling on getting some of this dirt off.

It sprays on purple...

Starts to turn white as its ready to scrub...

Brusha brusha brusha

How does it look? That's for tomorrow's post! So far so good, though I may need to hit it a few more times with the cleaner and scrubby.

Till tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I honestly have no idea if anyone actually reads this thing

I clearly just ramble on about nonsense and my vintage hoard.

I need new topics to talk about.

Back when I was a preschool teacher, I used to have my kidlets keep a journal, and we had a journal jar. In the jar, were different simple topics, and they would get to write a little bit or draw a picture about the topic.

So in keeping with the journal jar, todays topic will be lame pictures of cats drawn in MS paint.

Here, I made this for you:

Giveaway alert!

Boogie on over to Miss Dollie DeVille's blog for an awesome giveaway! She's giving away a pair of Sparklelux lucite earrings to one lucky winner!

My new favorite thing

is this mug, that makes his home on my desk.

I love him for three reasons:

1. he was a a dollar.
2. He's vintage tiki
3. He makes the best rage face ever!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I really want a shadow box

Like this one

But I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger on buying one. I think if I'm patient, I can find one local and not pay exorbitant shipping costs


Ok, so these arent necessarily "Vintage", but they're tiki, and amazing, and were only a dollar each. The one on the left came from the Reno Gospel Mission Thrift shop, and the one on the right... I think was from Savers. Possibly the UCF thrft shop. They come from John Asquagas Nugget, where they have a restaraunt called Trader Dicks. Now I want to go there. I need more tiki glasses in my life.

Don't be jealous of my leopard purse in the background. Its actually one of my more expensive purchases, Its from Betty Page. I got it at 23 Skidoo in Campbell, CA

These glasses are from the late 60's early 70's I think. The design isnt 50's at all, but I dont care because they remind me of my Grandpa and Grandma, who had drinking glasses from this same line. And they were only .60 each. That means 4 old school wine glasses for $2.50? yes please! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Recent Thrifting finds

One thing I've noticed about living in Reno, are that the thrift shops are oodles better than the ones back in San Jose. Between Reno and Carson City, my collection of vintage kitchen stuff and jewelry has blown up like crazy! Here are some of my more recent finds. This is only a miniscule selection of the overall haul.

Possibly pyrex coffee carafe, circa 50's I'm guessing
$1.50, Goodwill in Roseville, CA (purchased on my way home from a visit to my Grammys)

Kromex Flour Canister, $4, SPCA Thrift Store, Reno

1 Quart "Tang" Promotional Drink Pitcher, $1, Reno Gospel Mission Thrift Store

Matching Pyrex Salt and Pepper shakers, found from 2 different ebay sellers, $10 total including shipping. One came from Michigan, its mate came from Florida

I know my dryer acting as a photo studio is super classy. 

Also, there is much more to come, like my new obsession, peach luster Anchor Hocking glass ware

Lets get Drunk!

Can I just pause for a moment to extol the virtues of Sailor Jerry Rum? I bought this bottle on Christmas Eve, along with cupcakes, because you know.. priorities. We had it mixed with Coke Zero and it is magically delicious. I honestly bought it for the pin up girl on the label. Glad I did because its fantastic!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Atomic Redhead's Disney Circle Skirt

Recently I discovered a blog through The Honeybees Ladies club on Facebook, linking to an amazing blog, Atomic Redhead. This has to be one of my few favorite blogs as I immerse myself more into the vintage and rockabilly scene.

I was drawn to this post where she makes a circle skirt featuring classic Disney attractions. I am absolutely in LOVE with this skirt! The painting detail on it is gorgeous and i cant stop staring at it.

Check her out! The whole blog is super fun, and she seems like a very sweet girl.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Marathon Thrifting

Yesterday (Saturday), I indulged in a marathon thrifting spree, 5 or six stores in all. I scored some amazing finds, including my holy grail of vintage, a pink pyrex mixing bowl.

I'm in the middle of re-organizing my room, but a photo post is coming soon!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

In which I pontificate about my love of vintage ashtrays.

I dont even smoke! In fact, I'm really allergic to ciggie smoke, yet I cant get enough of vintage ashtrays.

On a recent thrifting haul, I scored three, and popped them into my etsy shop.

I cant keep EVERYTHING I find for myself, tempting as it is.

Howard Johnsons, Circa 1960's

Hilton Hotels, I'm guessing 1970's

Harrahs Hotel, Reno & Lake Tahoe Circa 1960's

I cant get enough of these, seriously