Saturday, March 30, 2013

Modern vintage product review: Claudia wedges by Dexflex

I've been coveting these shoes since I first saw them pop up on the Payless website. They have the look of Remix shoes without the horrific price tag. Plus, right now theyre on sale! They originally retail for $30, theyre on sale for $20, and if you google search for a coupon code, I found one that gave me 25% off, making the ones I ordered online only $15! Bonus: They also come in wide width!

I first purchased them in the brown color, and instantly fell in love. The wedge heel gives just enough lift without killing my back, and the cut out details have a nice vintage flair to them. 

Not to mention, they are comfortable as all get out. I wore them to work, and was able to go up and down the stairs multiple times without feeling like I was going to lose my balance nor did they pinch my toes.

I ordered them in white, and will be picking up the black ones on my adventures today. I totally recommend these shoes as a spring and summer staple!


  1. Those are look great! I'm glad they don't kill your back and your feet.

    I'd love a pair of remix shoes but I dont think my husband would like me spending $175 on a pair of shoes. I have had great luck finding vintage/retro inspired shoes on AmeriMark. I just bought a pair of wedge shoes that are very 40's. They're on sale too. I bought a pair in bone and brown.

    1. I see a lot of cute shoes on that site! Thank you for sharing, I for sure bookmarked it. I'd love some remix shoes or a lux deville bag but I cant justify spending a day and a half of pay on shoes or a purse! I always keep an eye out at the thrift shops but I have a feeling those are rare to end up at the goodwill

    2. Yeah I totally agree. A pair of Remix shoes is like 75% of our truck payment.Maybe if we every win big at the tables or hit the Lotto.

      Every once in a while I'll see a pair of Remix on eBay but they're way overpriced and in crap condition. I'll stick to looking around the thrift stores thank you very much.