Monday, February 25, 2013

Vintage 101: Cleaning Petticoats

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On with the show!

I currently have 4 petticoats, one vintage, three modern. White, pink, black, and red. The pink one is the one that is true vintage.

When I received the white one from the manufacturer, it had that horrible polyester chemical gross smell. I tried to air it out, no luck. So I figured now was as good a time as ever to wash the pink one as well.

Here are my tips, mostly gleaned from a ton of research from square dancers.

1. NEVER ever ever ever put your petticoat in the washing machine loose. If your ever going to put it in the machine (I dont), put it in one of those mesh lingerie bags. The agitator in the machine will destroy all of the fluffies. So sad :(

2. Wash like colors together. Example, I wouldnt wash my white petti with the red petti or black petti

3. Gentle soaps! Woolite, or if you cant afford it, baby shampoo or any sort of gentle shampoo.

4. Dryers! Nooooo. ONLY if you want to puff it up a little, put it in the dryer on delicate for a few minutes and STAY THERE. Dont walk away and just let it run. Also this really only works with the organza ones, not the netting ones. Let your freshly washed petti drip dry. I gently roll mine in a towel or shamwow to pull water, or wring it out without twisting it.

As you can see in the photo below, the white one and pink one are in the bathtub soaking. I used luke warm water and a few capfuls of my gentle tresseme shampoo

Coming Soon: a quick and easy tutorial for storage bags and must haves for maintaining vintage clothing


  1. Great tips. I don't think I've ever had to wash my petticoat but I'll always very careful when wearing my vintage inspired clothing.

    AS getting more followers, I moticed that if you let bloggers know you found their and are now following them they tend to follow you in return.

  2. Thanks for this!!! I am always looking for tutorials on how to clean my vintage things. Since I'm new at this I have relatively no idea!! HAHA! This was helpful!

    By the way... I nominated you for a blogger award on my blog!! I love your blog! You have a lot of really helpful hints and tips that I know others would benefit from!!!! I hope this helps out your following a little. Hop over to my most recent blog post ("Leibster Award, Viva Swimsuit update and Photoshoots!") and check out the details!!!!