Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pure lipstick luck

I went a little mad scientist tonight, and gathered up all of my red lipsticks, the hit shades and the miss shades (i'm a blue red, not an orange red).

Anyway, i scooped them all out of their tubes into a microwave safe dish, melted them down and blended them all together, and it seems to have made the absolute truest, prettiest red I could ever dream of. my ultimately perfect lipstick shade. Now instead of 4 tubes rolling around my makeup drawer, there's one little pot of perfection.

I'm tempted to do it with the pink ones too...


  1. That's cool. I haven't worn pink lipstick in a long time. It always reminds me of my aunt who LOVES pink everything.

    1. Haha I love pink, my bedroom is pink and gold and white. I wear pink lips when I do regular makeup or a sixties mod look

    2. I'll have to post photos once I have everything how I like it. Its kind of a mishmash of paris apartment and mid century accessories