Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kitchen Science: Turning ugly lipsticks into something nice

Now I didnt take photos of when I mad scientist-ed (thats a word now) my red lipsticks into one perfect shade but the end result is such:

with several coats of gloss.

Here it is in the container. I realize now that the container being pink kind of skews the red shade

I dug out all of my pink shades, the hits, the misses, and the what the hell was I thinkings, and scooped them all into this little plastic microwave safe bowl thing. There's some weird barbie hot pinks in there, a gold shimmer (so ugly 70s disco) and I added one of my zillion chapsticks to the mix to help the blending process.

Melt it in increments of 10 to 15 seconds at a time. You want it to soften and melt, not boil and burn. I used a wood stick cotton swab to mix it up. This is after about 30 seconds or so. You can see it start to melt

Get your final container ready. These are just basic ones from the dollar tree

Just about ready!

While its still liquified, pour it into your final container. It will set up incredibly quickly

Ready! Its a pretty mauve color now thats really flattering for my skin tone, and has a faint golen shimmer to it thanks to the disco gold lipstick

The whole process took about 5 mins start to finish. The most important thing is patience when melting the lipsticks. Its better to take it slow than ruin the whole batch!

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  1. I love those little containers. The work great to store and transport small items.

    I got rid of a lot of my old lipsticks before the move so I can't try this but you did a great job.