Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick post, a few recent finds

Lucite Starburst Coasters, $3 for 8 at Savers in Sparks

Pink and gold atomic ashtray, $5 at Virginia St. Antique Mall

And my absolute favorite, a Confetti Lucite pin in the shape of NEVADA for $1.50 at the Virginia St. Antique mall

More to come later today. I've been doing a massive uploading to etsy and ebay and I need to get photos in while the light is good.

Ciao bellas, xoxo


  1. That Lucite brooch is cool. I've bought a few items at Virginia St Antique Mall. I even got a vintage glass powder container for free. Made the old lady MAD.

    I've never been to a Savers. Are they like thrift store or discount stores like DD's?

    1. Savers is a thrift store, unfortunately there are none in Carson, just one in Reno and one in Sparks. The one in Reno is on Kietzkie in the same shopping center as Joanns, and the one in Sparks is on Oddie near the kmart, just off the 395.

      The only mean-ish person I encountered in the antique mall was the lady running the register. She was pretty rude, but the other ladies working in there were nice. I just dont like being followed while I browse, I like to just be left alone to go at my own pace

    2. OMG! That's the one I'm always having trouble with. She really shouldn't be running the register.

      I'm the type of shopper that grabs things I like and put it in a maybe pile. Like maybe I'll buy it. I do this in most stores. One a trip there with my sister, they toke our items and put them up front. Well the old biddy ran everything up and was pissed off she had to remove unwanted items. I pissed me off because didn't bother to ask first. I don't go there as often because of that lady.

    3. Have you ever been to the place on sierra st? Behind the eldorado. Its excellent and the people that work there are fabulous. Friendly but not hovering at all. Plus its huge, two stories loaded with stuff

    4. Yeah I went there last St Patrick's Day. It was cool but a pricy like most antique stores. I did buy a pair of 1960's navy and white saddle shoes for $20 in mint condition. I haven't been back in a while.

    5. I agree a lot of what they had was pricey but I did find a few gems, like the daisy snack tray I still have to photograph. Some of the booths in there think waaaay to highly of some of what they have, but others had some great deals. My problem was that was the last place I hit after walking the antique mall and junkee's antique side so I was dead tired and just didnt have the energy to take my time and really dig