Thursday, February 14, 2013

Did you know: sewing tip of the day

Did you know that a king sized flat sheet gives you 11,016 square inches of fabric to work with? Thats the yardage equivalent of  just under 7 yards of cotton by the yard (based off of 44" wide fabric)

Thrift stores are a gold mine of vintage print sheets that mimic the bright happy floral motifs of the 50's and 60's. King sized sheets can usually be had for around 5 dollars. You can get a nice full skirted dress out of one $5 sheet instead of 5 yards of cotton from the store. If you're lucky you can catch a good sale and spend $6 a yard. $5 vs $30? I'll keep hunting for sheets!

Image courtesy of chaletgirl


  1. Great tip! I've been doing this for a while. The sheets also tend to be thicker and are made to be washed repeatedly.

    1. I'm actually cutting a dress today! I want to test out one of the butterick reproductions with a vintage sheet before I go cutting in to some of my more expensive fabrics

    2. I hear ya. It's a cheaper, safer alternative to ruining expensive fabric. I want to make myself some retro jeans but am waiting to see how one of the repro patterns will fit me.

    3. arrgh this butterick pattern claims easy, but the bodice is lined AND full of darts. its super frustrating. I need to get some transfer paper this weekend because doing it with pins and a washable fabric marker is driving me insane. Transfering with chalk lines is sooo much easier