Thursday, April 4, 2013

This is how you (accidentally) celebrate a new job

By getting your first Lux de Ville!

Purely accidental, mind you. I was sure I would get outbid on ebay but alas I won it. The final price was $45 (This bag usually retails for $75) and I had $10 in ebay bucks so my final price was $35. Not usually what I would shell out for a bag but a girl deserves to celebrate now and then.

This is another recent acquisition, snagged for only $13 dollars. How did I get lucky? Because all of the other girls I would usually fight for this purse were at viva! Ha! Sometimes it pays to stay home.

Metal basket weave and lucite! It needs a little polish but its just adorable. I'm running out of shelves in my bedroom to display my purse collection. I could technically turn part of the office into a "dressing room: but I'm weird, and I like seeing all of my vintage purses in my bedroom.


  1. Great buys! I've wanted a Luxe de Ville purse for the longest time but always find great purses at the thrift stores so I don't bother. I love looking at my purses too. And my brooches, bracelet, well you get it.

    1. I'm still lusting after the deville with the leopard sides. I may splurge my first bonus on it as a treat. The pink one of course!

  2. Oh man, I want that Lux de Ville bag! While I was at Viva I picked up that very bag at least 8 times, but I couldn't bring myself to pay so much after just having funded our trip to Vegas. Congrats on your new goodies.

    Hellcat Vintage