Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coming Soon: Bomber Betty Cosmetics Review

I stumbled across a cosmetics company that intrigues me, mostly for its bad ass packaging and website.

I'm a sucker for make up, and vintage look packaging is a weakness. If it looks retro and its for my face, chances are, I will buy it. (If its in my price range and I have the money of course).

The girl that runs the show over at BB has a pretty fetching deal going on. You get 3 samples AND a sticker, for only $4. That includes shipping too. This seems like a really great way to get your product out there, as well as including that ever popular gift with purchase. And the gift is advertising for her company! Brilliant!

Anyway, because I cant help buying makeup of any kind, even blue eyeshadow, ( yes I just recently bought blue eyeshadow), I'm going to take her up on her $4 deal and give it a go. 

(banner image courtesy of and copy-write of bomber betty custom cosmetics)

** BB is not compensating me for my review, I'm simply curious to try their product and give my honest opinion. BB is in no way related to me or my blog in the form of sponsorship, etc etc legal stuff.

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