Monday, April 22, 2013

Flipping Vintage, or Vintage ADHD

I like to hit the thrift stores. I guarantee you, if I walk into a thrift store, I'm walking out with something. It doesnt matter, I cant help myself. Usually what I find, I end up restoring and reselling. The thrill is the hunt for me. Just yesterday I ended up selling my light up GE make up mirror. The one from the restoration post a few posts down. I didnt do a crazy big mark up, as I said its in the hunt for me.

The only things I really keep for myself are unique purses, vintage sheets to turn in to dresses, and pyrex. Everything else I find is fair game.

I do want to know where Mari finds all of her poodles. I'm so jealous!

A short post, just to check in and say hey. Work is madness right now. I'm pulling double duty trying to cover everything and its got me dead tired. Looking forward to Riot in June, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in Tahoe at the end of may. *squee* Scotty Morris is my dreamboat ideal man, so to see him in concert AGAIN, is making me fan girl. Between BBVD and getting to see Deke Dickerson at Riot, I may go full "beatles on ed sullivan" spaz case


  1. Lol. I dont' blame you for being excited. I've always wanted to see BBVD. They are one of my favorite bands. I'll have to see if my hubby is up for it. He's not really into swing/rockabilly music. Mostly techno for him. We're SO different when it comes to music.

    The second set of poodles I found at the FISH thrift store in Carson. I almost passed them up. They were hidden in the shadows of an ugly entertainment center.

    1. I've seen them once before, and it was the best concert I've seen, so when I found out they were playing Harrahs up at the lake I snapped up tickets. 50 a pop after fees but for BBVD its worth it.

      I found the same poodles you have on ebay but I cant quite bring myself to pull the trigger and buy them. I should probably just do it

    2. Now that the weather is warming up, it's estate/garage/yard sale season. The estate sales are pretty good around here.