Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good News Bad News

I apologize for the heavy nature of some of my more recent posts, but this is one of the few places I can just vent and get rid of the stresses.

I'll start with the bad news I suppose. My boss, my friend, my mentor, the only person in northern Nevada who would give me a chance and a job, who has taken endless hours to teach me HR policy and mentor me into a pretty damn good effective assistant. Her husband has been diagnosed with cancer. Lung and most likely brain. It's absolutely devastating to watch her go through this. I'm not super religious but I've found myself begging and praying that his life be spared. I don't know if He is listening, but I sure hope so.

On to the good news, I've been with this company as a temp, but yesterday was offered a full time position with the company. I readily accepted, because I love the people I work with, the atmosphere is fun, and lets be real, the benefits are amazing. Plus I'm getting a forty cent raise. It doesnt sound like a lot, but thats $800 per year. If I kick that money over to a savings account, thats viva money. Or in reality, a new car in about 3 years. The down payment at least.

So sad news and glad news. I'm dead tired, trying to keep the boat afloat while my boss deals with more important things.

Please hug your loved ones, tell them you love them, because life is really precious, and its better to visit a friend while theyre alive, then see them at their funeral, as my graddaddy used to say

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that your boss and her family are going through this. I'll be sure to keep them in my prayers. It's always hard when anything happens to someone we care about.

    I am glad you got hired on full time. It's great when you get hired by people who know your worth and appreciate you. I know I'm trying to figure how how much money we need to save for Viva next year.