Sunday, April 7, 2013

misc. mishmash

I havent taken too many photos lately, primarily because I'm in one of my "phases". Now, I know this makes me sound crazy. I'm incredibly OCD, and usually I can control it or mask it, or generally not have any issues with it affecting those around me.

Every so often I get a burr up my butt to completely revamp something in my life. I get frustrated with the current set up, rip it apart, and try and figure out a better solution. Ive been doing this lately with my bathroom cabinets. I have a tendency to have way more products than I actually need/use, and I'm faced with the task of trying to keep all of it in check until I get frustrated again and change it up.

Think of it as manic/depressive, only with stuff, and not emotions. Prime example, I recently became obsessed with false eyelashes. I ended up with like... 12 sets. Why??? I only have two eyes! Thankfully they are very cheap, and I can use a few as practice pairs to get the setting right, but honestly...

Same with makeup. Ulta just had a sale, 2 for 4 on their eyeshadows, usually $6 a piece. I have a zillion eyeshadows, why do I need more? But no, I bought blue and green. Because sale. And because I have this weird manic need to eyeshadow.


At least I have a semi healthy balance. I shop for pleasure but ultimately profit. Very little of what I end up purchasing actually stays and finds a place in my collection. At least with thrifting

I actually feel this phase dying down so I should be back to normal pretty soon.

(sorry if this post doesnt make a lot of sense. I just started typing)

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  1. This makes perfect sense. I used to be like that when I was working. I was trying to fill the void of unhappiness with a ton of fabric, patterns and generally anything that stroke my fancy. I still go on these little shopping binges but they're no where as bad as they used to be. Once, I dropped over $100 on crap I didn't need from Joann's. Yeah pretty stupid.

    The nice thing about make-up and eyelashes is that they last a long time if you take care of them. I haven't bought eyelashes in a couple of years. I wash and dry them and they're like new.