Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Authentic vs Reproduction

Which is better? My answer? Neither.

But perhaps this is because I know how to sew, and have an eye for fabrics. Buying reproductions, I'm on the fence about. I've scoped out some awesome reproduction manufacturers, Like Loveland & SeaPin up girlFreddies, and Nicole Katherine that offer true to form reproductions. The problem is, they're popular for a reason because everyone that can't sew and doesnt want to buy vintage, goes to these business. As they should. Support small business!

I personally, would rather flounce off to the fabric store, butterick pattern in hand, and make my own. So it doesnt have a Shaheen label in it. Thats ok! I can admire your dress without having to own it.

I do like to go authentic with accessories, and in fact just acquired my first Lucite box purse.

Aint she pretty?

I also have a new obsession with confetti lucite.

So do whatever makes you feel put together. I do my MystiLuxe original dresses and authentic vintage accessories, and I feel great.


  1. I'm always on the look out for a Lucite purse. I have a few pieces of Lucite but want a purse real bad. I love glitter Lucite too.
    I like sewing my own clothing because it is gives me a better fit, costs less and I get bragging rights.Somethings I leave to the professionals. Like petticoats. I tried making one and just don't have the patience for gathering.

    1. I somehow by the grace of the vintage gods, got that purse for $13 on ebay. the only flaws are a tiny scratch on the top and one of the little metal feets is gone, but other than that, its MINT! I cant believe I won it.

      And yeah, I get kind of tired of the people that do ONLY vintage. Its not a race or a game on who has the most. I like designing my own combinations and finding great deals on fabrics. Plus this time of year, all of the dresses on ebay and etsy are wildly over priced because of viva. I'm having more fun hoarding vintage earrings and brooches on ebay. I'm finding good ones for $2 or less

    2. That is an unbelievable deal! You know I was in Lolita for a while and it was the same way. All the girls competing to have the most Brand and more extravagant outfits. I used to enjoy it but outgrew all the negative aspects of it.

      I buy vintage fabrics and make my clothes from them. Right now I'm debating whether or not to make a pair of vintage inspired jeans. I have a belly and am afraid I won't look good but in this cold weather jeans are all I can wear.

    3. I used to frequent a fabric place in San Jose that sold cottons for $2 a yard, so I have some polka dots and some cherries waiting to become circle skirts. I dont care if theyre cliche, they're really nice. I really miss a place in Anaheim called L&M (on ball rd at knott) that has really great fabrics and trims. I'm on the hunt for some atomic looking fabric, but its either REALLY expensive on ebay, or the Michael Miller stuff on fabric.com which I'm not a huge fan of

    4. Cherries and polka dots are flattering on everyone so who cares if they are "cliche". If you like it it's all good.
      I bought some atomic looking fabric at Joann's last year. I had a 50% of coupon so it was decently priced. The Joann's out here are SO small so they don't have as much fabric as in So Cal.

    5. Ugh the Joanns in Carson is crap, the one in Reno is "ok" but I agree, the ones in California are way better and there are more of them. Every 6-8 weeks, my mom and I drive down to Roseville (2 hrs) and hit Joanns, Beverlys, and Hobby Lobby to get a good fabric store fix in

    6. Oh and the old ladies there are total bitches too. I'm trying not to buy too much fabric since I have quite a stash. I do need to buy basic colors.

    7. Bahahaha sometime you need to come up to sparks for a visit and behold true fabric hoarding. Between my mom and I we could open a shop. I have 3 rubbermaid totes devoted strictly to fabric to turn in to skirts and dresses. I've actually been selling a chunk of my fabric on etsy in another shop I run (I have 4)