Friday, July 5, 2013

Recent purchase!

Its amazing what you can find on ebay when you DONT search the typical vintage keywords like vintage,retro,rockabilly, etc. I simply searched "Pink Circle Skirt" and LOOK! Look what I found!

It was $25 dollars, shown here with a cardi from savers (see the bow detail?) and puffed out with my vintage Malco petti. It doesnt fit me right now, but it was too beautiful to pass up, and its in a size that I can realisticly get into (12/14), not a fantasy size like a 6 which I guarantee is never going to happen.

I cant wait to wear this someday soon!


  1. Gorgeous skirt! I bought a "painted" skirt off of Etsy a year ago.I thought it was vintage but it wasn't not a biggie since it's really cool. For $15 it's a great deal.

  2. What a great find! Your suggestion about avoiding the traditional search words is a good one. Never type "rockabilly" into the ebay search bar! It gives you the most ugly results and reminds me of a "definition" I once read (Rockabilly: the term used to describe clothing no one would want to wear). LOL

    Hellcat Vintage