Thursday, July 11, 2013

Moving stuff around and making a mess

Hello hello hello hello!

I've been here and there and everywhere, mostly on facebook trying to drum up interest in my giveaway with Hellcat Vintage .

And working. A lot. I'm dead tired!

I thought I would show off two pics though, as I decided I wanted the shadow boxes in the bathroom and the bathroom cabinet in the bedroom.

Shadow boxes in their new home. I need to keep an eye out in the antique shops for some smalls for these shelves:

The embroidered bathroom pictures came from a thrift shop in Nevada City, which is next to Grass Valley on the way to Sac. I think I paid a buck a piece for them.

And the coup de grace:

What??? How did my collection get to three?? Well the gold basket weave is a new acquisition thanks to Facebook. There you can see my Joseph girl, and the pin money coin purse was my grandmothers and she gifted it to me! This shelf hangs out in my bedroom now. What you cant see in the photos are my poodle plaques . Once I get my room clean and put together, I'm going to do a video tour of all of my vintage!

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  1. Looking good! I love the shadow boxes. Especially loved the gold mesh bag. I'm still hoping to go to a garage sale or thrift store and find one.