Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Liebster Responses

Mariela from A Girl of Many Interests sweetly nominated me for a Liebster award. Now, I know I'm supposed to nominate other bloggers, but I just dont know that many yet, so I'm going to hold my nominations in reserve for a future date.

Now onto the burning questions and fascinating answers!

1. What type of weather to you like?

Anything not Summer. I love the fall for its warm days and chilly nights. Winter snow (unless I have to drive to Carson City in it) and fresh spring air. Summer can suck it.

2. What's one of your hidden talents?

Does being able to stick my tongue up my nose count? ( I really can do that). I'd say being able to deal with difficult people has been a talent that has come in handy throughout my working career. I have a knack for being able to talk people off the ledge.

3. Is there a go to outfit you love to wear when you dont know what to wear?

Depending on the occasion, I seem to gravitate towards black velvet lounge pants and a bright geometric print top. It works for work situations or even a little more formal.

4. Do you have any pets? How many?

I have two nerds. Pugs. Pains in the ass. But I couldnt imagine my life without them

5. Do you still write handwritten letters?

Absolutely. I feel like written correspondence is becoming a dying art. I always send thank you cards, and I even have calling cards with my contact info on them.

6. What is one of your proudest moments/achievements?

Graduating high school. It sounds trivial, but I had a lot of struggles in my teens and almost didnt make it. It took a lot of time to get to where I am today, healthy, mostly well adjusted, and successful

7. If given infinite money, where would you travel and what would you do?

I'd fly to LA, rent a 57 chevy bel air and drive route 66

8. Have you ever had any supernatural experiences?

No, but I love paranormal investigation shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures

9. Can you drive a car?

Yes, I got my learners permit at 16, and my license at 18. My mom wouldnt allow my sister and I to get our licenses without proving we could drive in different conditions like rain, snow, fog, LA traffic, and San Francisco.

10. What's one thing on your bucket list?

Go to Graceland

11. What's your favorite book?

Anything by Ann Rule, a crime writer from Seattle. I'm fascinated by mysteries and why people do what they do


  1. I dislike Summer with a huge passion. I like it at the very early stages but once it gets over 78F, I hate it. I don't like to sweat.

    Ghost Hunters is one of my favorite shows! Have you checked out Paranormal Witness? Awesome ghost stories. A Haunting on Destination America is also pretty good.

    By the way, love the new blog background. Very cute.

  2. Congrats on your Liebster award!

    I love Ghost Hunters too! But I think my favorite paranormal series are Celebrity Ghost Stories and My Ghost Story Caught on Camera. I want to go to New Orleans one day and take the haunted places tours. Old cajun ghosts would be a trip, don't you think?

    Hellcat Vintage