Sunday, July 21, 2013

Its not hoarding if you know where everything is

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Now on to the next part of my post. I wanted to show off how I display some of my vintage purses in my bedroom.

I get to enjoy looking at them while keeping them corralled. 

Tippy top shelf holds an embroidered straw bucket bag, from ebay

The next shelf holds a laquer jewelry box that I brought home from Vietnam. Its actually broken, but too beautiful to throw away. Next is a repro straw purse with cherries from ebay, a leopard print frame purse from Bettie Page, and a Red vinyl frame purse that was thrifted

Next shelf holds my perfumes and sprays in a vintage vanity tray that was thrifted and then restored by be, tucked in the back is a vintage coconut purse from hawaii, in front of it is a pink atomic ashtray that used to hold earrings, but now just hangs out. A vintage tooled leather purse from mexico that needs some TLC when I have the time, and behind that, a vintage beaded and sequined tote, the designers name is escaping me at the moment.

Then we have a straw basket purse with strawberries on top that was sold to me as vintage but is actually repro. The berries may be vintage but the purse part is from nordstrom. I dont care too much because its so cute. Next to that is a stack of vintage beaded evening bags. I dont know how I want to store them just yet, so theyre just there. And of course my precious Lux de Ville.With a nick in the front from my dog. Thanks dog :(

This shot came out awfully dark, and it housing mostly black purses doesnt help. In the back is the restoration in progress black picker basket purse, in front of it is a navy blue structured evening purse with an embossed design, My tutti fruity carmen miranda inspired creation, and a black patent leather jackie o purse.

Down here on the bottom, these train cases pull triple duty. The cream one is vintage skyway that I actually paid too much for considering its condition, but I like the size and shape so I dont really care. It currently holds things like laundry bags, hanger clips, and hanging hooks, The pink Samsonite next to it is my baby. It travels with me holding makeup and jewelry. When its not traveling, it holds travel stuff. My mini blow dryer, my toiletry bag, etc. They look great, provide storage, and weight the shelf down for extra safety.

As a final aside, I wanted to share a display tip for you. I personally dont wear necklaces very often. I dont like things feeling like theyre choking me. Instead I wear a lot of brooches and bracelets. Well, my little jewelry box is a little crowded with brooches, earrings, and charm bracelets, so after a lot of hunting, I finally found some old mug stands at the thrift shop. They still need a paint job, but they are perfect for keeping everything corraled and visible. I'm more likely to wear things I see a lot. So there you go! smart display tips!


  1. I love the way you have things organized. I'm one of those people that needs to see what I have or I don't ever use/wear it out.

    I've been wanting to get some of those wooden towel holders for my bangles. They just sit in my drawer being ignored.

  2. Wholly guacamole! You are so organized and tidy! I love the way you've got everything laid out, it looks lovely. I'm totally digging your bracelet collection!!!

    Hellcat Vintage